About Us

Trim’s National Riding Stable is the oldest and most experienced horse riding facility on the island.
Our founder; Rene Trim, had an immense passion for horses. In the mid 70’s he acquired a small herd of Creole horses where the whole family enjoyed equestrian recreation. During this time the tourism industry in St. Lucia was in its infancy. Visiting guests were in search of unique and exhilarating activities across the North West Coast. The high demand for equestrian sports propelled Mr. Trim and his family to relocate to our current location. The thriving business had more scenic and adventurous trails. Adding beach picnics and sea bathing with the horses for guests to experience.
We are a family owned business who strive to bring people together through our love of horses. Showing our guests not only the beauty of creole horses but the wonders of our island as well. We seek to pass on the knowledge of these marvelous animals through our youth programs in hopes that the future generation will continue